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At the Upper Providence Township community meeting On Monday, May 1, 2017 Township Board of Supervisors Chairman, Lisa Mossy, introduced resolution 2017-19 into the records acknowledging through Proclamation Kids Day America as an officially recognized program by Upper Providence Township to benefit children of our area regarding health, safety, and environmental awareness.

Dr. Snyder gave of his time to help the parents at The Malvern School in Oaks PA to learn how to manage stress better.

Maria Larosa

Dr. Snyder hanging with CBS 3 News anchor/reporter Liz Keptner (left), and Meteorologist Maria La Rosa (right). Dr. Snyder educated the families of our community about the health benefits of chiropractic care during this event.

Limerick Elementary Health and Career Day

Dr. Snyder taught the students at Limerick Elementary school about healthy spinal exercises through education and activity during their Health and Career Day.

Dr. Snyder played Health Jeopardy with students during Health and Career Day at a local school.

cookie monster adjusted

Had a great time at the Lower Providence Township Fall Festival. Dr. Jeff adjusted Cookie Monster!

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