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Among the many chiropractors Upper Providence Township has to offer, Snyder Family Chiropractic stands out for our unparalleled quality of care and our suburb assessment techniques for the spine and nerve system. When you come to our chiropractic center, you get the latest in leading chiropractic technology as well as the very best chiropractors Phoenixville, Collegeville, and surrounding areas can provide.

Chiropractic aims to reduce subluxations. Subluxations result from a disruption in the spine nerve system, causing a misalignment that interrupts communication along the neural pathways. Subluxations can result from a variety of causes, ranging from traumatic injuries and accidents to the natural processes of growth and development as well as toxins and emotional stresses and demands. It is common for spinal subluxations to exist for many years without causing any physical symptoms such as pain or discomfort. For this reason, it is important to use analytical tools as our primary guide in the determination of a course of care towards maximal improvement.

Spinal subluxations cause disturbances in the autonomic, motor, and central nervous systems, but the disruptions can be slight enough to go undetected by traditional assessment methods. Misalignments in the spine and nerve system can cause significant deleterious effects throughout the human system but can be difficult to identify. Our leading edge technology targets those easily missed subluxations through the use of radically innovative technologies, which makes us unique among the plethora of chiropractors Upper Providence Township is home to.

Our advanced imaging systems provide a detailed scan of your spine and develop a composite picture of your patterns of stress and your areas of greatest stress load. Known collectively as the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, our main analytic tools are:

sEMG_Surface Electromyography (EMG): Nerves work by generating minuscule electrical pulses that travel up and down the central nervous system, carrying messages from the brain to all organs in the body. Any disruption or distortion in the spine nerve system will result in an alteration of that electrical impulse, making it either too powerful or too weak. A non-invasive procedure, surface EMG imaging allows our chiropractors to get a clear picture of how well and effectively those electrical pulses are being transmitted and then determine the areas of greatest subluxation.  Muscle Tone and Balance:The more tired your muscles are, the less able they are to function effectively. The surface EMG provides an image of the condition of your muscles and how much energy you need to function. The more energy you need, the lower your core score, indicating that your overall state of health is compromised.

NeurothermNeuro-Thermal Scan:Like the surface EMG, the thermal scan is a non-invasive imaging procedure that takes a close measurement of the temperature along your spine. When spinal subluxations are present and the nervous system is not functioning optimally, there are resultant changes in blood flow, which are reflected in temperature changes. Mapping the temperature fluctuations along the spine gives our chiropractors a clear understanding of the areas of greatest subluxation along the spine.  • Organ and Gland Control: The thermal imaging scan that we run as part of our analytical kit gives us a picture of the temperature fluctuations along your spine. These changes in temperature are closely tied in to the effective functioning of all organs, as they affect the nerves that transmit messages to all of your organs and bodily systems.

Pulse Wave Profiler_3• Heart Rate Variability:As you go through your day, your heart rate fluctuates in response to natural stimuli. However, if you are under a lot of stress and in poor physical health, these variations in heart rate tend to be low, indicating that your body is in fight-or-flight response mode. Chiropractic techniques can help bring your low heart rate variability number back up through care plans that aim to remedy the pain and stresses that are affecting your heart and overall health.


Range of Motion:The way in which your spine moves is tested, giving us a clear indication of your spine’s effectiveness in terms of movement and your overall range of motion. A low range of motion results in a low core score.

algometerNew6-12_2Aggravated and Inflamed Areas:Our specialized imaging systems map out the areas in your body of greatest stress and pain. By focusing on alleviating the stress in these areas, we can improve your core score and thus, your overall sense of good health, happiness, and well-being.



Digital X-Rays: We also refer for digital X-rays, when needed, to determine the areas along your spine and nerve system to assess the integrity and alignment of the bones and discs as well as structural strength and efficiency.

At Snyder Family Chiropractic, we are passionately dedicated to providing our members with the very best care and use all of the latest technological means at our disposal to do so. If you are looking for the most modern, effective, and leading chiropractors Phoenixville can provide, then you need to give Snyder Family Chiropractic a call. Don’t delay! Your road to better health starts with us.

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