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Best Pillow for Sleeping

Patients often ask me what pillow is the best one. There are so many to select from I can give you the tools to know what is best for you. First, if you sleep on your stomach, DON'T! Sleeping on your stomach torques your neck and you're asking for problems. So the pillow I recommend can help with that.

If you sleep entirely on your side, this pillow isn't for you. For those who are entirely side sleepers, simply use a pillow (or two) to make sure your head is parallel to the floor (perpendicular to your shoulders). Also, a pillow between your knees is best to support low back.

If your sleep on your side and back OR if you sleep only on your back, this pillow is for you. It offers support for your neck while keeping your head in a "posture neutral position", meaning your head is in line with your upper back rather than your head being lifted up by the pillow.

Here is the best head pillow I have found. I've gone through around 15 different pillows and I keep coming back to this one. Mostly all of my patients love it and it lasts a few years without deforming. So click on this AMAZON link to purchase it rather than sleeping on your flat, non-supportive pillow or that memory foam pillow that looks like it cradles your head, but really doesn't.

Also, here is the knee pillow I find to work well too.

Elevated desks help take a stand for healthy living

As quoted from the Pottstown Mercury Newspaper on October 25, 2015, Elevated desks help take a stand for healthy living:

Dr. Jeff Snyder, president of Snyder Family Chiropractic in Upper Providence, said sitting for long periods of time puts a lot of stress on the spine. People that are inactive during their work day, like truck drivers for example, tend to have lower back issues, he said. Snyder said the majority of his patients with desk jobs come in complaining of neck or back pain.

Extensive sitting can also cause something called forward head posture, which is when the head leans forward past the shoulders more than it should. The position has adverse effects on the curve of the neck and spine, Snyder said.

“There’s no question that we are not designed for sitting eight hours a day,” he said adding that people should be up and moving to stay healthy. “There are no doubt benefits to using a standing desk.”