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Why Metabolic Detox Is Not Just a Fad

Just going to share this article on metabolic detoxing. As we approach 2019, some will set goals to get healthier, lose weight, or even specifically do a metabolic detox or cellular cleanse. In late December we will introduce this program to you. For now read the article below. We have a questionnaire to help you […]

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Roundup Chemical in Your Cereal: What to Know

Rather than write an article describing this and what others are saying, simply read this. WebMD is one of the most mainstream medical news sources. Not some crazy radical source as some would suggest. Heed the warning. This is a huge chemical assult on your body. Please share this on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, […]

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Is Our Excessive Culture and Lifestyle Killing Us?

Everyone seems to be living in excessive these days.  Everything is taken to the limit… and then beyond.  Extreme sports are all the craze.  Working out until you basically drop and highly restrictive diets are both trending.  Other people choose to go excessive with their work or career.  They think high stress, sacrifice, and sleepless nights are […]

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