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Computer Ergonomic Recommendations

Computer Ergonomic Recommendations Dr. Jeff Snyder of Snyder Family Chiropractic discusses how to position your computer and workstation to minimize stress on your neck and shoulders.  Products recommended:Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand: Monitor Desk Mount Stand: Keyboard and Mouse: Tray:

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Insurance Companies Game Changer

What do you think about your Insurance company, also owning the Pharmacy and your local Hospital and Doctors offices? Essentially your for profit insurance carrier… OWNS 100% of your health decisions? #doctorchoice #letyourdoctordecide #healthcarefreedom #aetna #cvs #merger #consolidation #Obamacare #profitsnotpatients #chiropractic #chiropractor #drjeffsnyder #bestchiropractor #denial #notapproved #deathpools

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Einstein’s Ideas about Motion and Life

Albert Einstein once said “Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.” What this means is that where there is MOTION there is LIFE. Lack of motion is synonimous with death. It is a fundamental reason why Chiropractors take care of the spine […]

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Improve Spinal Movement and Reduce Pain

In this video, originally aired as a Facebook Live on Dr. Snyder’s facebook page, Dr. Snyder speaks about various ways to evaluate your own spine, provides some basic stretches and strengthening ideas, and gives some reasons why chiropractic care might be a good solution to your needs. You may speed up the playback of this video […]

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Snowmageddon and your Aching Back

The weekend of January 23 2016 was a real doozie for the Phoenixville region.  Many were referring to this storm as a Snowmageddon.  We got walloped with more snow than most of us know what to do with or, for that matter, where to put it.  If you live in the region and don’t have […]

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