The BIG Idea

You might be asking “What IS The BIG IDEA?

The idea starts with an understanding that you live your life through your Central Nervous System.  Everything you think, see, taste, feel or do is as a result of your nervous system.  So it stands to reason you’d want to do everything to make sure the Central Nervous System is functioning at 100% 24/7.

In fact the chemistry of your body is ALSO controlled by your Central Nervous System.  Your body chemistry controls how you function, your health, your LIFE EXPRESSION.  That is your CHEMISTRY of LIFE. 

Your That system is so important that it is protected by bone: the skull for your brain and the spinal vertebra comprising your spinal cord; the spinal nerves exist between the vertebra.

Now, a little-known fact is that living this thing called LIFE causes slight misalignments of the vertebra, known as Vertebral Subluxations, that cause pressure to the nerves and cord, and, therefore, interfere with the functions of your LIFE.

Chiropractors provide the invaluable service of checking for and correcting these Vertebral Subluxations because we know these to be detrimental to a person’s full expression.

This is an amazing example of how your Nervous System and body, adapts to the stresses of life. It will always find a way to survive, much like a crooked tree will always find it’s way to the sun. Unfortunately, it usually means that the spine has been through significant trauma that can be addressed. We can always be better at any age, with proper spinal care.

Please understand that these are simply signs and not our focus. Enhancing your life through Chiropractic Adjustments so that your Life Force (Innate Intelligence) can do it’s job. This shows up as a better functioning Nervous System that simply translates to a better YOU! The curves of your spine are directly under the control of your Nervous System. Your posture is controlled by the Nervous System, which sends the messages to the muscles, etc.

So now that you know the BIG IDEA, please share it with your family!


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