Catching the Flu Bug

The Flu – Why Doesn’t Everyone Get It?

That darn “flu bug” is going around again. It has been spotted driving north on the highway as well as through many local communities. Now, if we could just get the license plate of the car and apprehend that pesky varmint, we could stop him in his tracks.

This is a common perception of the flu virus. It’s “going around.” It’s flu season. There is some truth to the statement that the virus is more prevalent at some times than others but why doesn’t everyone get sick? Or at the same time? Or for the same length of time?

Let’s look at the factors that determine our strength in fighting off health challenges like the flu. First of all, viruses and bacteria are opportunists. This means that they do not attack you. It doesn’t catch you in some desperate race. It can only take advantage of you if your defenses are weak.

Our bodies weaken and breakdown when there is more stress than it can handle. The three types of stresses are physical, chemical, and emotional. An example of physical stress would be poor posture or a slip on the sidewalk, chemical stress could be over-eating or too much caffeine and emotional stress could be caused by the recent world events or balancing your bank account. The key to being healthier is to constantly build our bodies so they are capable of dealing with these stressors effectively.

The most obvious ways of maintaining or improving your health are regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest and a positive outlook on life. Often overlooked is maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. A properly functioning spine and nervous system build a healthier you by maximizing the effects of frequent exercise, good nutrition, proper rest and a positive mental attitude.

By consistently working on your health, stress does not weaken your body as quickly or as much as it might have before. This helps explain why some people get the flu, why some don’t and some don’t get it as bad as others. If viruses and bacteria were the only cause, shouldn’t we all get it at the same time and with the same severity?

Start your “flu season” off by building your health today. Remember that a healthy spine and nervous system will improve the quality of the messages going through your nervous system, enabling you to do everything you do better. Get your spine checked today so that pesky flu bug has less of a chance of “catching” you!