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Kids getting ready for school

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 7277 emergency room visits are directly related to injuries suffered from book bags and backpacks.  The CPSC also reports that these type of injuries are up 330% since 1996.  This is the beginning of an epidemic that can cause serious damage to a child’s spine and nervous system […]

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Exercise the Right Way

A program provided by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress was presented on a webinar that Dr. Jeff Snyder narrated recently. Watch and learn a bit. Then put into action to start or improve upon your exercise routine.

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Computer Ergonomic Recommendations

Computer Ergonomic Recommendations Dr. Jeff Snyder of Snyder Family Chiropractic discusses how to position your computer and workstation to minimize stress on your neck and shoulders.  Products recommended:Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand: Monitor Desk Mount Stand: Keyboard and Mouse: Tray:

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Best Pillow for Sleeping

Patients often ask me what pillow is the best one. There are so many to select from I can give you the tools to know what is best for you. First, if you sleep on your stomach, DON’T! Sleeping on your stomach torques your neck and you’re asking for problems. So the pillow I recommend […]

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DIY Spine Exam

I know spinal  hygiene can be confusing and that chiropractic care is also often a pool of misinformation in the public eye.  It is for this reason I created this brief video to show you a hands on way to assess spinal motion and get a sense if you would need a chiropractor. If you […]

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