Headaches and Your Neck

Pain in the head is no different than pain anywhere else.  It is your body telling you there is a problem.  The problem is not the pain.  The headache is the MESSENGER.  Rather than shoot the messenger, listen and take action.  By assessing and correcting misaligned spinal bones where nerve pressure exists, the body can turn off the alarm (pain) and allow health to return.

If you haven’t clicked the above video, do so for more understanding.  If you are questioning if your “head pain” can be helped without drugs or medical procedures, consider a one time spinal examination by a licensed doctor of chiropractic.  A proper neurological, orthopedic, and neuro-spinal assessment will give CLARITY to your condition and give you answers and possible solutions.

I’m here to help you restore your health.

Dr. Jeff Snyder

Is Your Headache a Real Headache to You?

Learn how your spine may hold the answer!

(or perhaps you LIKE taking medication?)