Low Back Pain

If you’ve ever experienced low back pain from something as simple as taking a bag of groceries out of your car you might be surprised because the pain may be due to the spine be out of alignment and or weak muscles.  The low back can usually withstand immense forces without being injured however there are some health issues that can contribute to low back pain I will discuss.

Approximately 85% of the United States population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. Only outnumbered by upper respiratory infections, back pain is next in line as the most common reason for a doctor’s office visit. Back pain is so frequent better effects more than half the adult population every year with more than 10% of all people experiencing repeated episodes of low back pain.

Instability of the spine is the primary reason why the low back is susceptible to injury and pain. Having multiple segments of the spine allows us do you have a great deal of motion to reach for our toes, tie our shoes, or turn quickly to see what is behind us, but the cost is the risk of injury. 

As long as the low back is functioning correctly it can withstand a significant amount of load. Powerlifters can lift a significant amount of weight without getting injured. The problem comes when the spine is out of alignment, then something as simple as lifting a bag of groceries or even picking up a pen off of floor can cause an injury to the low back.

It used to be thought that simply by resting the back would heal on its own. Chiropractors have always known this not to be true. More recently, studies show the pain may resolve however the problem usually returns if the low back is not treated properly. If pain reoccurs it would be recommended to seek out the care of a chiropractor as a conservative measure rather than taking medication.

Low Back Pain Causes

Muscle Spasms and Sprains, Ligamentous Strains

If you are a weekend warrior you know low back pain can be quite common. If you overdo it you can be lying on your back wishing you could see the chiropractor. If you overwork the ligaments a low back small tears in the tissue can cause swelling and tightness

Chiropractic Care and Treating the Low Back 

By evaluating the low back for misalignments and adjusting the spine to re-establish normal movement the chiropractor can successfully reduce low back pain

Lower back treatment utilizing Chiropractic Care has been shown over and over to be the most cost-effective treatment. There are some major studies that show the low cost with best outcomes utilizing Chiropractic Care over any other method. Chiropractic Care is the only treatment method with the goal to adjust the spine into a normal position. Medications such as muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories do not serve to improve function to the spine.

There are many different health problems that may result in low back pain such as sprained ligaments or muscles, disc problems, inflamed joints. Various movements can result in lower back pain. Anything from picking up a pencil off the floor to sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. Other conditions such as obesity, psychological stress or even more serious problems such as kidney stones, kidney infections blood clots, heart conditions, and even cancer can also cause low back pain.

If left untreated sometimes more serious problems pain go undetected and therefore it is very important to have a professional evaluation to determine the cause of low back pain. Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in the diagnosis and determining the cause as well as treatment for low back pain.  Chiropractic doctors know when to refer for serious medical conditions.

Vertebral Subluxation

When the spine is out of its normal position or movement it can result in inflammation and or pain. Most of the time when it’s occurs in the low back it occurs at the level of your hips between the lowest portion of the spine and the sacrum. Subluxation can unfortunately debilitate individuals when low back pain gets severe. The treatment for subluxation is what a chiropractor specializes in and when done successfully can result in the reduction of low back pain.

Disc Herniation

Having a herniated disc does not always mean you’re going to be suffering from low back pain. There are studies that show many adults having bulges or herniated discs yet no pain. Most of the time however herniated discs can lead to debilitating pain that will radiate into the lower extremities. Once a herniation occurs, unfortunately, to completely heal is a challenge. Although a complete recovery is less common, Chiropractic Care can help a person with this condition to avoid further deterioration.