Migraines from Mexico

My own experience on this 120th year of chiropractic I recall an amazing patient when I was in outpatient clinic in chiropractic school in 1997.

She was having terrible migraines for years.  I learned this through her daughter who interpreted for her as she was from Mexico and was visiting the daughter in Atlanta.  We met while I was doing a spinal health screening at a local store.

I learned her migraines were from being hit on the head with a frying pan by her husband while in Mexico.  Yikes!  Upon examination I found the fundamental underlying problem to all or nearly all her problems.  It was at the top of her spine.  Her first #cervical vertebra was putting pressure on a delicate spinal nerve.  Upon my adjusting her she experienced almost immediate resolution of the pounding migraine headaches.

She started repeating a word in Spanish so I asked her daughter what she was saying.  She said she was calling me her messiah!  Wow!  At that time I knew the POWER the living body has to heal when interference to the expression of health is restored.

I was clear to tell this grateful woman that it was not me that healed her, but her own body.

I’m truly grateful for this profession and what it allows me to do in helping people find the health they lost.