Frequently Asked Questions

FAQThe Frequently Asked Questions noted below may help you to understand the pressing questions you already have before calling our office:

​1. Do we accept your insurance? We participate with Blue Cross/Blue Sheild plans including Highmark, Personal Choice, Keystone (Health Plan East), as well as any out-of-state Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan. Personal Choice – Keystone Health Plan East members will need a referral from your medical doctor’s office. Please use our Keystone identification number: 2858746000 when requesting your referral. Although we are non-participating with other plans (Aetna, Cigna, and others), we can usually help you in using your insurance for care at our office.

2. Do we work with Medicare or Medicaid? We do not participate with MediCADE. We are non-participating MediCARE providers. This means, you pay the medicare rate for adjustments in our office.

​3. Where exactly is the office located and what hours does the doctor see patients? Click here for our office location.

​4. What should I expect during my first visit and what should I prepare? Click here to learn about your first visit.

​5. What services does the doctor provide?
Chiropractic adjustments using minimal force protocols. Lifestyle Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Corrective Exercises, Custom Spinal Stabilizing Orthotics using Computerized scanning.  We also provide on-site neuro-spinal stress testing for local businesses.

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