Why I Love My Job

I know there are many who wake up each morning dreading going to work. I know, there is traffic everywhere. But that’s not what I am talking about. I’m talking about hating their career- wishing they could abandon all and start over.

I can’t say I know how those people are feeling. I’ve been practicing as a doctor of chiropractic in Upper Providence Township since 2001 and really can’t say I have hated it one bit. Don’t get me wrong. There have been days I second guessed my career path. There have also been, and will continue to be days where I need a vacation like everyone else.

Once I was told that retirement is something in which to look forward. Retirement is where we start doing what we really want rather than what we have to do. I suppose I am already retired as I would continue practicing past retirement age as this is a path that brings me joy. When I watch the rave reviews from happy patients or read those written it brings smiles to me.

So feel free to write a rave review or provide a video. It will keep me smiling for years to come.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you and if we haven’t worked together, perhaps our paths will cross soon.

Healthy regards,
Dr. Jeff Snyder