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I was having migraines and pains in my wrist. The migraines had been occurring for almost 3 years every day and the pains in my wrist had been happening over the past couple of months. With the migraines, I saw my family doctor and a neurologist. All they did was put me on medication that made me not able to function. In the 2 weeks that I've been coming here, the migraines stopped and I haven't experienced pain in my wrist. If you are experiencing the pain and nothing else has worked, you should give Chiropractic a shot because you have nothing to lose and only the possibility that it could get better. It worked for me! ADDENDUM: After coming for almost 8 months, I've lost an additional 23 pounds and the only thing I've done differently is added Chiropractic care to my routine.

Ruthann S.

Whole Family in Care for Well Being

My daughters had been coming to see Dr. Jeff and I was impressed with their response to care, so I decided to get my spine checked as well. I sought improvement on my overall well being. I was positive that given the chance, Chiropractic and Dr. Jeff would make lasting correction on the subluxations found during my exam. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so my first impressions of Chiropractic were very positive. I found the office to be positive and welcoming and Dr. Jeff to be professional, knowledgeable, friendly, nurturing, and over all- "the BEST!" I understand Chiropractic to allow the body to work naturally to correct itself, rather than fighting its healing mechanisms. My entire family is under Dr. Jeff's care and I tell others to give Chiropractic a chance...you'll be pleasantly surprised! It has enabled my daughters, who are both competitive, to perform at peak levels. Even after months of care, I feel as strong/positively about Chiropractic as the first time I stepped over the threshold.

Charene T.

Arm Pain - Answers Finally Found

In 2007, I encountered nerve pain in my arms that wouldn't go away. It was a result of one practice with a rowing team. The pain was too bothersome to continue to practice rowing & so I withdrew from the race. The pain would subside only to come back again. I visited a doctor, a specialist & an orthopedic. They had me try what I thought were weird ways of testing, measuring & addressing the pain. They were only addressing the symptoms, not the source of the pain. It wasn't until later when I talked with a friend who was seeing a chiropractor that I thought to research what exactly chiropractors do. I was starting to learn there was a correlation between nerves & bone positions. I realized my nerve pain could be caused by misplaced bones in my neck. It was then that I researched for a chiropractor in my area whom could address this nerve pain I've been having in my arms. I visited Dr. Jeff Snyder to take me through the process--all new to me--of learning about the benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Jeff's warm, welcoming personality made learning about chiropractic an easy task. He has a faithful believer in me. I've since benefited (the arm pain is gone!), and continue to do so, with his chiropractic care. My health is in a much better place than it could be without regular chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Jeff Snyder for being there for me!

Christine R.

Pediatric Chiropractor

Snyder Family Chiropractic is the best I've experienced from all the 3 Chiropractors I've met in my life. We were looking for a pediatric Chiropractor and one top rated. After a few calls, we were a bit disappointed that there wasn't a Chiropractor close by until we found Snyder Family Chiro. Dr. Jeff was great from day one and we are most satisfied. I've tried stretching, some meds and going online to find relief for my back pain, but Dr. Jeff has been a great help! I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Snyder!

Gary and Rebecca

Not Easily Influenced

So I'm the type of person who tries really hard not to let others opinions about things influence my own opinion about something or someone before I have had a chance to experience it myself.

A lot of people apparently have mixed feelings about chiropractors, I didn't understand that until I started seeing one earlier this week after the car accident.

I can honestly say...after just a short amount of time I am finding more and more relief after every visit then I would if I were to take Aleve or steroids. I'm starting to get hope again that I'm going to be able to function as I did before - perhaps even better. And my doctor truly cares for his patients...coming in on his day off just to keep me adjusted. How many doctors do you know would do this?

I'm not being paid to say any of this either lol. I just think recognition is needed where it's due. If you live close by and suffer from back pain, neck pain, migraines or other chronic conditions, come see Dr. Jeff Snyder and he will do everything he can to help you!


A true professional

Dr. Jeff is a true professional! He is thorough, informative and truly is invested in your best health. I have enjoyed him as a chiropractor and always look forward to my appointments with him. If someone is in need of chiropractic care Dr. Jeff is who I refer. He is the best chiropractor in town!

Michelle W.

Do You Mean Dr. Wonderful?

Do you mean Dr. Wonderful! Dr. Snyder has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I have been dealing with "frozen shoulder"and I was seeking treatment from another chiropractor in my area. Well after half of my visits, a co-worker mentioned Dr.Snyder. I said I'll give it a try because I'm not getting better. Sorry, but long story short, AMAZING RESULTS! I will never go to another chiropractor other than Dr.Snyder.
Thank You Dr.Wonderful I mean Dr. Snyder for all your GREAT help getting my shoulder to have better range of motion and keeping me from having to have surgery. Through my continued exercise prescribed by Dr. Snyder, however painful at times, the results are worth it a million fold.


This is a wonderful Rave Review from a young patient who suffered from migraine headaches. Her parents took her to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as well as Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Deleware. The top neurologists couldn't figure why she had migraines. She came to Snyder Family Chiropractic and her migraine headaches resolved in 2 chiropractic adjustments.

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