Scientific Evidence

Often when I speak to people about Chiropractic Care I find there are Skeptics out there. I don’t blame people for being skeptical. I generally am skeptical. I also know that there is a plethora of information out there that can sometimes be misleading and confusing to the General Public. I think the accuracy of information is important, especially when it relates to healthcare. You can find information that is on a website with little backing if any.

Over the course of developing my website, I am also guilty of writing pages on my website, although accurate, without providing citations of where the information came from. Over time, I will work at fixing that. However, I wanted to be sure to provide people the easiest way to obtain useful information about Chiropractic Care, more specifically about how Chiropractic Care can have a profound effect on one’s health, not just in the reduction of pain. I also recognized time is valuable and people spend much of their day reading documents and emails, which makes it more challenging to deliver information such as what I described.

Therefore, after searching for reliable, credible information that is also entertaining, easy to digest, and doesn’t require any reading, I want to point you to this page of researched-based videos which are all fairly short in length but packed full of valuable information. Here are some of the topics.

Is your child still bedwetting question mark here might be a reason why. 

Your movement, coordination and a whole bunch of other brain functions improve with Chiropractic Care. 

Can getting adjusted improve my golf swing?

This is why you should be active. 

The connection between your brain, body, and spine.

How often should you go to the chiropractor?

Where is pain created?  


There are many other subjects. Simply click on the link and select from the drop-down menus the videos to watch.  After watching the videos feel free to share this page with your friends and family or to post the video on your social media for others to learn.

Here is one of the videos you might like to start with and to share with your loved ones to educate on the basics about chiropractic care in just 3 1/2 minutes.