Is Our Excessive Culture and Lifestyle Killing Us?

Everyone seems to be living in excessive these days.  Everything is taken to the limit… and then beyond.  Extreme sports are all the craze.  Working out until you basically drop and highly restrictive diets are both trending.  Other people choose to go excessive with their work or career.  They think high stress, sacrifice, and sleepless nights are simply what it takes to be number one in the workplace.  Well, what if excessiveness is not good for us?  What if we are meant to operate somewhere in the middle?

For example, a new study has found antioxidant supplements can speed up some cancers instead of protecting you from them.  Perhaps the most important piece one can take from the study is that just because a certain amount of something is good for you, it doesn’t automatically mean that more will be better.  A great example of this is water.  We all require water.  Water is real good for you.  But did you know that ingesting too much water can kill you?  There is truth to this.

Here is another fact:  Our bodies need a specific amount of nutrients from food.   So, could it be that antioxidants are good when a certain amount is consumed and bad when either less than or more than that amount is eaten?  Could it be that taking nutrition to the extreme and eating highly concentrated amounts of nutrients are  not good for you?  Could it be that moderation is the key and we simply do not need extreme amounts and levels of exercise, nutrients, stress, or whatever?

Could it be that more is not always better?  I truly hope we find out in the future, but it is definitely something we should all think about in the present.