Sitting Can Be Risky

Sitting for a long period significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function and can leave you at increased risk for heart failure and other heart-related problems as well as spine problems.

One report claims that working out may not be able to counter the cardiovascular risk caused by sitting. In fact, the study suggests that the positive health benefits of one hour of exercise can be unraveled by six hours of continuous sitting. The good news is that you have many options when it comes to how much time you sit. From office-friendly intermittent exercise to standing desks, to brief walks, all of it counts. Standing up or bending down increases the force of gravity on your body, and this is the key to counteracting the cellular degeneration that occurs when you’re sitting down. A recent study has been found that taking a five-minute walk for every hour you spend in your chair can reduce the heart disease risks associated with chronic sitting.

The effects of sitting for a prolonged time also has a negative effect on your spine.  Computer posture, as it is often called, leads to premature spinal degeneration, all of which can be minimized by taking brief breaks and moving your body.

We see people daily who have let their body break down and need special attention to restore their spine and housed nervous system to an optimal state of health.  Remember, prevention is worth its weight in gold, so keep motion in your life and in your spine.  Your body will thank you!