Top 10 Reasons NOT to see Dr. Snyder

Top 10 Reasons NOT to see Dr. Snyder at Snyder Family Chiropractic in Phoenixville.

10. Being sick gives me a legitimate reason to stay home from work. 

9. I like walking like Quasimodo – my Halloween costume is halfway there. 

8. The tingling in my hands and feet is good. It lets me know they are there. 

7. If I start feeling better, I might have to do more stuff. 

6. I get cards and gifts when I am not feeling well. 

5. Without all this pain, what would I have to talk about.

4. Headaches are a good thing – they force me to rest. 

3. Constantly happy and healthy people are annoying. I wouldn’t want to become one of them. 

2. My back spasms get me out of having to help my friends move or do work. 

1. I like spending money on drugs and doctors. I need the tax write offs, and my doctor needs a new Mercedes. See? We both win when I stay sick and dependent on medications.

Seriously none of these makes sense. Right? However many suffer needlessly thinking it is the normal thing to do or they have become complacent regarding the persistent nagging discomfort they have. Some even say that they expect this type of pain at this point in their life because most people around them at this given age also have pain or that their parents at this given age had similar pain.

Pain is an indication of a problem. Pain is not the problem itself but a messenger to remind us first softly then loudly that there is a problem. The good news is if we address the root cause of the problem early on it is easy to manage. More aggressive treatment further along may make sense such as surgery or the use of medication. However we know that there are often high risk factors associated with both.

Let me help you deal with your pain in finding the CAUSE.   Contact my office and we can help you schedule your first appointment.