Your Operating System Optimally Functioning

The operating system of a computer is the most important part that allows the computer’s hardware and software to function as one. When the system is compromised by a computer virus, its operations can suffer or even lead to a total crash. Our body, and the systems that keep us working at 100%, can be compared to the operations of a computer. Our muscles and tissues are the hardware, nerve signals are our software, and our nerves are operating system. Just like a computer’s operating system, it is our nervous system that enables our hardware and software to work together as one unit.

The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, spinal nerves, and the peripheral nerve system.  The latter consisting of large, long branches of the spinal nerves and numerous narrower and smaller branches of those branches. The brain, as the central hub of the nervous system, starts the impulses that coordinate the activities of all the other body systems.

These impulses are sent down specific paths to reach specific targets. These targets – the cells – that comprise the organs and tissues of your respiratory, lymphatic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems, are what allow you to live. The cells operate and then send responses back to the brain by way of the nerve system. These responses consist of reports, requests, and local condition information. The brain interprets this information and responds with further instructions.

It’s simple to understand how the analogy between the brain and the computer came to be. However, it’s up-most important to understand that the brain is definitely not a computer. Regardless of  its lightning-quick systems to quickly sort through huge stacks of data, such processing speed and accuracy are not an indication of intelligence. Rather, these computer feats result from the engineers and programmers  and are wonderful mechanical accomplishments. Without human designers and programmers, there would be no Operating System in your computer.

In contrast, human consciousness uses the brain of man and woman to arrive at new ways to solve problems. These solutions are emergent, meaning they couldn’t be figured out by analyzing the information. Computers are not capable of emergent behavior. Therefore, our innate intelligence not only guides our bodies, but also guides us in our choices, decisions, and world interactions.

Chiropractic Care and Optimal Health

If you think of yourself as a living organism, your body most likely includes physiological systems, organs, tissues, and cells. From a functional perspective, your physiological systems are all interconnected. The parts of these systems continually communicate with each other, exchanging information regarding status, available resources, and needs. The system that manages these ongoing communications is the nervous system, your body’s master system. This system, via a multitude of nerves, branches, and local connections, link your brain and spinal cord with every other part of your body. But static on the nerves can interrupt optimal communication within this complex system, causing transmission of very important information to be altered so that interpretation of these signals are compromised. This may result in pain, symptoms, and, ultimately, disease. Chiropractic care helps detect and correct spinal misalignments, the most common sources of nerve interference. Regular chiropractic care helps restore optimal function and helps us improve levels of healing, movement, and well-being.