Employee Presenteeism Costs $180 Billion!

According to the Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER), Presenteeism (practice of coming to work despite illness, injury, anxiety, etc., often resulting in reduced productivity) is a huge concern for companies growth.  In 2010, the annual cost of presenteeism, $180 billion, surpassed the cost of absenteeism, $118 billion (Weaver, 2010).

It is for this reason we provide strategies for employers and employees, through lectures, to improve presenteeism and reduce wasteful spending.  Our lectures serve to increase the safety, efficiency, and longevity of most working teams providing greater work performance and health for employees.  This will over time save your company money on insurance premiums.


Dr. Snyder is an expert in delivering powerful information on the most important topics affecting the workforce today. They can be varied in lengthpersonally formatted, and sensitive to the needs and concerns of your company