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So here are a few things to understand…

In this early stage of care as we attempt to get your spine to hold an adjustment. You have to overcome the ligaments that hold your spine from pulling back and shifting your spine back to its OLD position. You also have to overcome old habits that brought you to this point. These habits will be replaced as we move forward with helpful concepts that will help you. Lastly, the nervous system has to “rewire” to the new pattern of spinal health. All of these take time.
As the adjustment process continues your body should adapt and your adjustments will start to hold or stay in the NEW position. This is where the magic happens. When you hold an adjustment, taking pressure off your nervous system, your body heals! Since you live your life through your nervous system, the ultimate goal is to keep pressure off your nervous system, allowing the best communication between brain and body.

Please look at the bottom of this message, as I have included some information on what to expect after your first adjustment. During your care I will often give you some tidbits to help you become more educated and subsequently get the best results. I do not like to bother you while you are at work, or with your family, so I often communicate by email or text because I know your time is valuable.

One last thing, our practice is built on the referrals we receive from satisfied patients. Some suffer in silence. Some are directed to seek medical care by the use of drugs or eventually surgical procedures to manage health issues that could have been handled more conservatively. Please consider recommending chiropractic care to your friends and family so they can experience health as it is intended to be experienced from inside-out.

If you have any questions after today’s visit, please feel free to reply to this message or text me at the office (610-935-5900). There is no question too small where your health is concerned.

Yours for better Health,

Dr. Jeff Snyder

What to Expect After Your First Adjustment

The majority of people who come for their first adjustment experience some relief within the first 24 hours. They may feel looser, lighter, more range of motion, sleep more deeply, or experience less intensity of pain with a lesser frequency. Some describe the effect as a surge of energy and vitality. However, patients who receive immediate relief should also be aware that the subluxation patterns in your nerve system most likely have existed there for a long time, and therefore several adjustments may be needed before the spine can be restored to proper health and function. We are always happy to hear you are feeling better but we are more concerned about restoring optimal function to your nerve system, and ultimately your entire body.

Although many of the changes taking place feel great, there are some which may cause temporary discomfort or concern. For instance, some people feel soreness after an adjustment. As the body begins to make the big, important changes that are going to come while under our care, anesthetized parts of your body “wake” up and you become more aware of what is going on. Parts of the body which haven’t received normal nerve flow for years are suddenly flooded with impulses, sending and receiving new messages from the brain. As your body works to make corrections in your system, these changes can happen. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor.

Some patients say they don’t really feel any different after their first visit.
If you came to the office with symptoms:

I have seen in my many years of practice that some people wake up slowly. Their bodies change in a quiet way but over time, these people become aware of major health and life changes. Be patient. Your body did not get to its current state overnight. It will not heal that way either.

If you came into the office for a wellness check:

Brushing your teeth or wearing a seatbelt does not usually feel amazing but both of these activities are preventative in nature. They deliver what you do not get by doing them. Yes, that is weird wording. But think about it. You get what you are not getting when you brush your teeth. You brush. You get not getting cavities. You wear a seatbelt. You get not getting more hurt in an accident. You get a chiropractic adjustment. You get not getting advanced aging in your spine, pain, less function, more sickness, weaker immune system, more hospitalization and surgery. (There is gobs of research about this if you are curious. Check out: and find out more about what you and your loved ones might NOT get by getting chiropractic care.